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Adventure, experience, a new way of life.  It is brought to life through trips to remote and wonderful territories



To be a unique company that not only creates fun on motorbike rides, but also helps the participants to change their way of life.


We are Different

Every trip we offer will include:

Lodging in the different places and special accommodations:
Where?:  Within the duration of the trip (9 days for instance), you will spend 2 nights in camping areas in places leading to have an experience.
Why?:  Because the explorer will be able to have a closer experience with nature.
Additional activities to the Motorbike ride:
Where?: In Fjords and Glaciers
Which ones?: Fishing, Trekking, horse riding, Trips in ATV, and Rafting.

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Our Team
José Miguel Castaño

José Miguel Castaño

Operations Manager & Guide

I always dreamt of riding my motorbike to the South of Chile, seeing the mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, paths, and being able to see the landscapes only a few people can see.
22 years ago, I made my first motorbike trip to the Carretera Austral with a group of friends. It was just an unforgettable experience for everyone: leaving behind the city, the noise, the pollution, and just being part of the unexplored nature to contemplate the wonderful landscapes that only tell us who we really are. And if we add a motorbike ride to all this, it becomes an unforgettable experience.
Today, after 4 years guiding and 40,000 km travelled in a year through this beautiful country, and through most of America and part of Europe, I feel I’m ready to take a bigger leap into this

Johnny Neumann

Johnny Neumann

CEO & Guide

I used to dream of riding a motorbike since I was a kid. It was a way to feel free, a way to get to different new places; it is all about discovering unseen places and, above all, feeling the adrenaline inside your body on every turn, every acceleration, and every bump.
I’ve been riding motorbikes for over 20 years and every year is a new discovery, not only in the places we visit, but also in the experiences and learning.
My passion for motorbikes is so strong that, in 2006, I founded Austral Moto Sport. Today, it is a leading company in the motorbike sales segment in the South of Chile.
Nevertheless, I had a hankering for a new challenge: Establishing a way to make more people live what I had already lived, learnt, felt, and discovered. This is Patagonia Moto Travel today.


Danilo Villegas

Danilo Villegas

Guide & Mechanic

I come from a family of bikers. I’ve been among motorbike parts since I was 12 years old. I’ve been a mechanic since then, and I was also Enduro Motocross racer for about 21 years (advanced level). I live for motorbikes to the extent that, when I stopped competing, I joined AMS as workshop chief. I now provide services to Patagonia Moto Travel as partner of AMS. I speak English, Basic German, and I have taken first aid courses for outdoor rescues. This is due to my other passion: I was a firefighter for 7 years.

Walter Arnold

Walter Arnold


I’ve been passionate about motorbikes and motorbike parts since I was a kid. I have always felt that freedom when we are moving, when the wind blows on my face, or because of the fact of travelling around and discovering new routes in Chile as well as in South America.I took part of the Motocross and Enduro championships for many years, and I won the Enduro national championship in Chile in several categories. I practice both disciplines and, today, I’m 45 years old and I still travel around the South of Chile with my friends.

Over the course of time, I have acquired another passion: the restoration and recycling of old motorbikes. It is a way of bringing the classics to life.

I also speak English and German. It has been useful to be passionate for motorbikes, since they are the ones that allow us to ride and discover new routes without borders.


Hola José, quiero en nombre de mi familia agradecerte por la disposición, dedicación, preocupación, profesionalismo y el excelente servicio que nos entregaste en el desafío familiar carretera austral. Fue una experiencia inolvidable que si no te hubiera conocido nunca podría haber logrado. Tú me ayudaste a solucionar todos mis temores, adecuando las fechas, tiempos características a lo que requeríamos, haciendo del viaje familiar un sueño hecho realidad. Mi padre y mi hermano menor aún recordamos el inolvidable viaje por los fiordos de chile, la lluvia y los lugares que nos recomendaste ir y conocer. La coordinación fue espectacular, no me queda nada más que agradecerte por hacer los sueños realidad y recomendarte para cualquier persona que quiera hacer estos paseos en moto una experiencia inolvidable. GRACIAS José por coordinarme, acompañarme y guiarme por esta espectacular aventura al fin del mundo junto a mi familia. Saludos Camilo Concha S.
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Always on the Road

Urmeneta 996, Puerto Montt, Chile
Telephone : +56 65 228 9956

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